July 11-26, 2024

Career Exploration Summer Program Two-Week Program | July 11-26, 2024

Mizzou International Experience: Career Exploration Summer Program engages high school students from around the world in exploring their future careers while building international connections and fostering personal growth.


The summer program jumpstarts students’ pursuit of 21st-century careers and helps prepare them for the college experience. At MIE, students, or “explorers,” interact with university faculty members and industry professionals during site visits to academic departments, private companies, as well as nonprofit and government offices.

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6 Career Paths Framework

Explorers get to learn about different professions within 6 Career Paths:

Interdisciplinary 21st Century Careers

While following the 6 Career Paths framework, Explorers also learn about how each path intertwines with others. Explorers engage in activities and discussions that prepare them for the careers of the future.

Hands-on Career Exploration

Aside from tours in different Mizzou colleges, MIE gives Explorers the opportunity to experience hands-on activities in different career areas. Explorers develop and market their own product at the Business School, learn how to do CPR at the School of Medicine, and make their own magazine page at the School of Journalism. This allows for a truly engaging hands-on experience for each Explorer.

Experience American Culture

Explorers get to experience American culture daily through different activities. They live in University residence halls and interact daily with American explorers, ambassadors, and staff. Explorers also immerse themselves in American culture by attending a professional baseball game with a tailgate, shopping at Country Club Plaza, visiting the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and many more.



Each team consists of five Explorers and one Ambassador. Ambassadors guide and mentor their Explorers throughout their career exploration journey.

Professional Networking & Interactions

During the program, Explorers have the opportunity to interact with experts and professionals from each field. Explorers prepare questions for each experience and have the opportunity to get their contact information for the future.

Immersive English Environment

While Explorers may come from all over the globe, each one uses a common language for the duration of the program: English. This allows non-native English speakers to truly immerse themselves in the language and build strong connections with everyone they interact with.

Global Connections

Explorers have the opportunity to interact with other Explorers, Ambassadors and MIE staff from the U.S. and all over the world. Explorers return home with new connections across the globe.

Lifelong Friendship

As MIE has highly interactive and immersive activities, Explorers will be able to interact with new people from culturally diverse backgrounds and create lasting friendships.


Lifelong Learning

The Career Exploration Program works to ignite each Explorers curiosity. Ambassadors and staff teach Explorers to try new things, have an open mind, and be curious. Explorers learn valuable life lessons and new skills by going out of their comfort zones each day.


Explorers participate in a nightly reflection session in their team. During this time Ambassadors help Explorers process their learning from the day and prepare for upcoming activities.


Throughout the program, Explorers are divided into teams and learn how to work as a unit together, guided by their ambassadors. They spend time creating a community that values discussion and collaboration.

Independence and Autonomy

Explorers are assigned different roles each day within their teams allowing them to practice responsibility and accountability. Explorers learn independence and life skills by making day-to-day decisions while experiencing University life.

Leadership Skills

Explorers practice leadership by carrying out different roles each day in their teams. Additionally, Explorers present their career portfolio at the end of the program which highlights their favorite experiences and what they’ve learned.

Self-Assessment and Self-Discovery

The Career Exploration Program begins with self-discovery exercises. Explorers pinpoint their interests, values, skills, and personality. With the help of their Ambassador and their peers, Explorers reflect on these findings throughout the program to assess which career paths best fit them and their future.

Service Learning

Explorers have the opportunity to volunteer at the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri and learn more about nonprofit organizations. During this experience, Explorers reflect on how their skills and interests can be used to assist communities in need.


Why Register?

If you want to learn more about yourself and your future career options than this program is for you! You’ll start by getting to know your values, strengths, and personality traits. The program then focuses on providing hands-on experience to help you learn about cutting-edge academic and career options. This experience allows you to reflect on your professional development journey so you can leave the University of Missouri with a greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

This Experience Will Help You:


Anyone and Everyone who is a student with any Mizzou Academy program! This experience is a great fit for all high school students. Even if you think you know what your future career will be, this experience will help you to learn more about yourself and bring you one step closer to defining your future.



Submit your online application.


Based on both program experience and capacity, we have made some adjustments to our application process for MIE 2024. As our alumni students can tell you, attending MIE is both a privilege and a responsibility. Therefore, this year students will be asked to respond to some additional prompts on their application. Applications will then be reviewed by a committee. All applicants will be notified about acceptance decisions no later than February 20, 2024.

Please note that you should not purchase plane tickets until you receive an official notice of acceptance from MIE.


Non-refundable deposit and signed terms of agreement.


You will attend an online pre-departure session. We will inform you about becoming an Explorer as well as getting you ready for the program.


You will begin your Career Exploration journey on July 11, 2024.


To ensure explorers fully experience university life, the students stay in a residence hall (dormitory). These include suite-style rooms with one roommate. Explorers and ambassadors stay on floors assigned by gender.


Explorers enjoy meals at campus dining halls, local restaurants, and catered events. All meals are included in the price of the program.

Special dietary requests can be accommodated per request.


Explorers participate in a variety of daily activities, hosted on and off campus. In addition to field trips, these activities include self-assessment, team building, and career-related exercises.

Students will have daily free time at the on-campus recreation center.


The program includes professional site visits to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and U.S. government buildings.

Flagship companies and leading offices in prospect include: Bayer, Boeing, Columbia Food Bank, Missouri State Capitol & Supreme Court, and more!


Transportation to and from the St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) will provided, in addition to all ground transportation during the program.

Airfare is not included.


During their journey, explorers are guided by university student ambassadors. These ambassadors act as mentors that oversee small teams of five to seven students.

Our intensive training process ensures that ambassadors are well-equipped to lead & support explorers.